Retrofitting your home

Glazing Regulations have changed in recent years and replacement of your existing glass with new safety glass will result in a more secure and safer home.Security can be further enhanced by using our extensive range of hardware options including locks, bolts and security stays.
Approximately 50% of the heat lost from a well-insulated home with single glazing goes out through the windows.With double glazing, a layer of air is trapped between the two panes of glass to create an insulator that prevents approximately 51% of the heat from escaping.Installing double glazing units will not only make a difference to your comfort but will even lower those ever increasing power bills!

A drier home is a healthier home

Dampness and mould is a real problem in many New Zealand homes. If not wiped down, condensation on windows often creates a mould that is very unhealthy as well as destructive to building materials. Double glazing greatly reduces the risk of condensation. With double glazing less time will be spent mopping up wet windows.

A quiet, peaceful home

Silence that distracting outside noise and turn your home into a quiet sanctuary with Double glazing. Double glazing provides a sound buffer against exterior noises such as traffic and loud neighbours. By using double glazing and a combination of special glass types, the noise can be reduced by up to 50% of its previous level. Our specialist team can install double glaze units quickly and easily into existing timber or aluminium windows and you'll notice the immediate impact in noise reduction.

Will I save money on my power bill?

Yes, the double glazed units are designed to retain heat inside during winter and reduce heat gain during summer therefore making your home a more comfortable living environment.

Can I fit double glazing into my existing joinery?
In most instances we can retrofit into both aluminium and timber joinery. Contact our Double glaze consultant to discuss solutions for your home on 0800 000 677
How long does this take?
From the accepted quotation to installation being completed may take 4 to 6 weeks however our Double glaze installers can fully re-glaze an average 3 bedroom house in 1-2 days.
Does Double glaze provide a guarantee?
Yes, a 5 year comprehensive guarantee is provided on all workmanship and materials.
Why Retrofit Double glazing?

  • We specialise in retrofitting double glazing into existing homes.
  • Our system of retrofitting is cost effective.
  • Double glazing will provide you with a cooler home in summer and warmer home in winter making it a more comfortable living environment.
  • Specialist staff with extensive experience in the aluminium joinery industry.
  • Our double glazing system leaves your windows in place and causes minimal disruption.
  • Tidy tradesmen! Our installation staff leave your home as they found it – with the exception of your new glazing of course!
  • Reliable local service with the backup of a nationwide supplier with over 40 fabricators.

What is retrofitted double glazing?
Retrofitted double glazing simply means that we install double glazing in your existing window joinery. Our dual glazed system may not require the removal of your window joinery or for you to move out of your house.
Double glazing is a window made up of two panes of glass spaced apart and sealed to be air tight. The glass panes trap a layer of air between them. The double glazing units work as both an insulator (for retaining heat and preventing cooling) and an acoustic buffer.
The air space between the two glass panes can be varying widths between 6mm to 12mm and can also be gas filled. The wider the gap, the greater the thermal and acoustic benefits. The air between the glass panes can also be replaced with Argon gas which provides even further insulating qualities than air.
Performance of Double glazing can be enhanced by using different combinations of glass types. Our Double glazing consultant can advise you of what type of glass is best for your home.