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About Us

Any aesthetically designed building will have a personality unto itself reflecting in all its finer details - especially glazing. Here's were N Dot Dorwin Facade Solutions Pvt Ltd comes in as an one stop solution provider for all types of facade systems. The company holds phenomenal credential to conduct and execute facade requirements from simple Curtain Wall to Super Complex Architectural enveloping systems. NDD has a holistic potential to design, engineer, manufacture and install all the relevant scope of business with International Standards. NDD can be your ideal partner in making your building a charm.

Advantages of NDD being a Business / Project Partner

Proven Experience and Expertise garnered over 2 Decades in executing interesting and superior large scale projects.

Strong Human Potential.

Focused on Delivery Value and Quality to the Customer.

Easy Accessibility to a strong and efficient management.

Strategic Tie-Ups

Our Business tie ups speak of the highest standards of quality of the products and services we use and deploy in our projects.

EFP - European Facade Products, Holland

VS-1, United States of America